Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack 2018

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack 2018

Who doesn’t know about Harry potter and his fantastic stories of revealing mysteries? Probably, there will be very few people who don’t know about it but that is hardly possible. However, there is something new on harry potter which is a Smartphone game. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack is getting much hype these days and the reason behind this factor is connectivity to most of gamers’ childhood.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack

Personally, I played this game and found that amazing vivid graphics quite realistic and reliable, impressive gameplay and interactive features. In order to be the best gamer, you have to complete lots of levels which are given in term of mysteries. Gold and Gem will help in progression because both are vital currencies and required in all kind of work. However, getting the sufficient amount is typical but there are alternatives to help just as Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack is doing so far.



Things to Know

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is free to play game available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, it is not completely free. You may need to spend money on currencies and it can be done by in-app purchases which is a great alternative but not reliable. Lots of people end up spending thousands of dollars due to this. Follow the given below tips to learn complete basics and be the best gamer.

  • Energy is primary thing else than currency and you can get a sufficient amount by many methods to earn and you should use all of them and collect a good amount. Don’t use it until there is higher need.
  • Coin and currency are hard to collection and most of the time I faced issues while getting the minimum required amount. It encourages me to use micro-transaction method which is totally worst. Precisely for this reason, I used a great alternative which is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats. It helped in gaining required amount every single time.
  • House points are surely the next one to collect. You need to build up points for the team and in my case, I did it well because I gained good amount of currencies with generator tool. It totally flipped the game and made everything easier for me.
  • Before getting started with everything, learn the interface with tutorial. Do not skin any tweak or tutorial because you can end face issues lately. It is going to teach the basics of game playing the important role.

These are some common things that I have focused wisely and these helped in faster progression, earning currencies and being the best in nick time. Even I found a Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Review from expert gamers. Those particular reviews taught me some advanced tips and you can read all of them given below.

 Advanced Tips to Obtain Energy, Coins and Gems

Nothing is more important than resources. There are total three resources. One is energy, second is coin and third is gem. Below given method will help in earning both.


As mentioned, energy is vital for magical spell and various methods can provide required amount so follow the given below tips for energy.

  • Waiting is a great alternative where the energy meter will be refilled in particular time period. It is better than using micro transactions method.
  • There are numerous activities to complete and most of time; I preferred energy in reward because it has a great need.
  • Nothing is better than leveling up because you are progressing to better levels as well as getting your energy refilled.
  • Gem is premium currency and it is hard to earn. If you want energy immediately then you need to sacrifices 55 gems to get it.

The above given are methods to obtain gems but the last option isn’t good because you may need to spend real money for gems.

Coins and Gems

Coin and gem tackle to most where a sufficient amount will help in hitting the game harder and jumping to better levels.

  • Performing well at school and answering all the question will offer you house points and making your house win will provide coins and gems.
  • Completing maximum number of level will let you lay hand on more amount easily and it is reliable option to go with.
  • Taking extra lessons will provide you more resources. It is easy to refer option and I did it numerous times.

There are some other options too but these are less known with higher benefits. Make sure to use each one.

Bottom Line

In this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Review of mine, you can find every basic thing that you should know about. Hope, this review will help as the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats are doing to obtain sufficient amount of coins and gems.


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